“Eric is a brilliant shamanic practitioner, who bridges modern skills and understanding to ancient medicine.  He is a visionary for healing in these unprecedented times, with a gift to bringing splintered souls and our splintered planet into a new alignment of wellness.  His clients are very lucky to have access to this level of skill, medicine and magic.”

Jan Gale, Sulis Healing

“Eric has a gift to make the unknown spirit guide world come to life with descriptive language and humour. He has a genuine interest in helping people connect with their guides, providing valuable insights with his entertaining story write-ups. This unconventional yet simple practice has been so helpful in my healing journey. Thank you!”

Aundrea Sebjanic, Eye on Wellness

“I’m very appreciative of Eric’s ability to visit another place and to come back with wisdom that can only come from his journey there. Eric’s journeys are filled with humour, vivid imagery, powerful wisdom and healing.”  

Angela Kim, The Power of 3 Healing